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iOpenGov Tool

Investment Analysis and Optimization

In an era of tightening budgets, transparency and accountability, Government agencies, aid organizations and large corporations must seek to improve the process by which resources are allocated and invested. iOpenDecision provides web based technology which enables subject matter experts, project stakeholders and manager to use a structured and collaborative approach to optimize the process by which projects are selected and funded.

iOpenDecision transforms the process of decision making from an individual aggregating data in a spreadsheet, to a dynamic and collaborative approach using web and mobile technologies, allowing evaluators to participate across all factors or focus only on their specific area of expertise. The software provides tools which enable evaluation of any number of what-if scenarios where changing priorities can be analyzed to determine optimum results and improve performance and outcome.

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The software instantly incorporates each evaluators input into the analysis, providing results which show scores for individual analysis factors, overall project efficacy and scores and makes recommendations for project selection based on available funding.