Citizen input & engagement

Large scale projects often require collection of public comments in order that concerns can be addressed as the projects moves through its development stages. Traditionally public hearings are the means of accomplishing this requirement. iOpenEngage enables a virtual approach which can augment or at times replace the process of holding public hearings.

The project is geographically displayed on a map. Members of the public can select the area of the project where they wish to make their comment and enter information into a form. Comments are then validated by sending a receipt email to the address which is entered in the form. The user must click the link in the email in order to submit their comment. This process validates the email address of the person entering the comment and insure integrity of the information captured.

iOpenEngage can also be used internally by organizations to capture comments regarding major projects from staff. An example would be collecting comments regarding floor plans and office space assignments in a new facility. The software would allow for centralization and management of comments from various departments.

Our Proposal

iOpenEngage is available as a monthly subscription service from or as software product which can be installed either as an application appliance or on an existing server at DeKalb County. In the subscription mode, access would be provided through a version of the software hosted on Citygate’s Amazon EC2 cloud server. EC2 is an elastic virtual computing environment that allows for rapid allocation of resources based on demand.

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